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Updated to March 15, 2018

Keri Coleen Chase

1959 - 2001

What is this Foundation?

The Keri Chase Foundation was formed as a non-incorporated registered charity under Section 149(1)(f) of the Income Tax Act and received its registration number effective February 21, 2002.  The effective date of operations is January 1, 2002.  Our Registered Charitable Organization Number is 86547 5719 RR0001.

Why was this Foundation Formed?

This registered Charitable Foundation was formed in memory of Keri Coleen Chase, who died in a tragic auto accident on November 24, 2001.  Keri was born in Thunder Bay and through her short life of 42 years was forever salvaging injured and stray animals and birds of every description and either finding them homes, or returning them to the wild from which they came.  At the age of 14, she had her first colt to save and since then, it has been a steady stream of animals that needed her, and her undemanding love.  Her love of animals has been an inspiration to everyone that knew her.

What is the purpose of this Foundation?

The purpose of the Foundation is to build a fund, the income from which will be used to provide financial assistance to qualified donees providing care, assistance and shelter to stray, lost and injured domestic animals, birds and wildlife in the Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada area.  The Trustees would like to build a fund over the next number of years in order to impact on a future projects of animal welfare in the name of the Foundation.  The Foundationís goal since inception is to donate annually about 1/2 of its fund raising and retain 1/2 of the fundraising to create a long term investment, the income from which will be used to support animal welfare organizations in the future and to keep the memory of Keri Chase alive.

How did the Foundation raise its funds?

The Foundation had a number of fund raising events through the years and details of these events can be obtained by clicking on any of the programs below.

Donations - all donations received are receipted with a tax receipt that can be used for the donation tax credit on your income tax return.  Donations can be cash or securities.  Donations can be made in memory of a deceased individual or pet, in which case an acknowledgement card is sent to the grieving family.  The acknowledgement is also posted on our "memory page".  This is still the case.

Donations can also be made in acknowledgement of an individual's accomplishment (birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, special event or "just thinking of you".  An acknowledgement card is sent to the individual being honoured and the acknowledgement is posted on our "memory page".


Thunder Bay Superior Pet Calendar - This calendar was produced from 2004 to 2013.  The calendar featured local pets and pet biographies.  Local pet owners submitted their information and pictures (at no charge) and our selection committee selected those featured on a specific month and those displayed in other sections of the calendar.

The calendars were reasonably priced and made great timely Christmas gifts for the animal lover.  They were sold through a number of retail outlets.

The calendars were supported by a number of generous advertisers and the Foundation's Trustees extend our appreciation to these businesses.


Prints and Cards - The Foundation sold four exclusive prints (3 black & white sketches and 1 coloured). The artist for all of the prints is Kim Pumphrey-Chase, sister of Keri Chase.  Kim produced these exclusive prints solely for the Foundation.  The prints were reasonably priced and made great gifts for the animal lover.

Two of the black & white sketches were made into greeting cards.  The cards provided for a write in message (sample wording for a number of occasions  provided on purchase) and were packaged in four, with envelopes.


Collection Boxes - The Foundation has a number of coin collection boxes in a variety of retail outlets in the area.  Your spare change is greatly appreciated by the animals.


How much of the profits are used for charitable purposes?

The Foundation has a minimal amount of overhead, which is mainly stationery and postage.  All of the services provided by the Foundation are on a volunteer.  Virtually 100% of our fundraising goes to assist animals to meet our goals.

What organizations benefit from the Foundation's fundraising and how does this help animals and birds?

The Foundation supports about nine organizations in the Thunder Bay district that have the facilities to provide direct care to the animals and birds.  Our history of supporting these organizations can be found under Local Support.

Granting Process

On October 28, 2013, the Foundation ceased making direct support to local animal charities.  The Foundation has entered an agreement with the Thunder Bay Community Foundation and turned over its assets to that organization to manage the funds and provide annual grants to local animal charities.  Please click here for more information.

How do I know that the Foundation is legitimate?

The Foundation is a registered charity and maintains all of the required filings with Canada Revenue Agency.  Please click on the link below to go to Canada Revenue Agency's web site for our charity.

Registered Foundation

If I wish to discuss the Foundation with anyone, how do I contact you?

For general information on this Canadian Registered Foundation
Ken Chase

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The Keri Chase Foundation

C/O Diane C. Chase, President

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Gorham, Ontario.  P7G 0Z5

Madelene Chase - General Manager - (807) 577-9408
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