The Keri Chase Foundation

For Animal Welfare

Unexpected Loss To The Foundation


On July 29, 2009, The Foundation lost its mascot to bone cancer.  Duke was a 7-1/2 year old Great Dane and was instrumental in promoting the Foundation.

Duke was born on April 12, 2002 at a Great Dane breeding kennel on Prince Edward Island, with purebred papers. Duke was sold to a man from Kentville, Nova Scotia under an agreement that he would provide the care required.  When Duke was 10 months old, Kim Chase (a Foundation Trustee), living in that area, was informed that he was tied up to a truck in the rain, with no shelter.  Taking a closer look, she noticed that Duke was at least 60 pounds underweight and had been abused.  She offered to purchase Duke, then contacted the original breeding kennel, who then visited Kim the next day.  Assessing that he had abused Duke and violated the agreement for care, the kennel sold Duke to Kim.  The kennel obtained a court restraining order that the original owner could not be near Duke or Kim as well as posting a notice on the Internet that he could not own another dog, due to his abuse.  When Duke was 18 months old, Kim and her family moved to Iqaluit, Nunavut on a work contract, entrusting Duke to Carl and Maddy Chase (our President and General Manager) for safe keeping.  When Kim returned to Thunder Bay, she was unable to "pry" Duke back and Duke stayed put until his death.

Duke was featured as the calendar pet on the 2008 Thunder Bay Superior Pets calendar.

Other duties that Duke took a lot of pride doing.

Duke was there for the big Foundation contributions to animal welfare.  He was also very patient while the media was getting set up.


Duke was there to shmooze the big supporters of the Foundation, such as Ryan Holomego, manager of Wal-Mart Thunder Bay.


Duke was there on March 31, 2007when Ryan Holomego, manager of Wal-Mart Thunder Bay presented a cheque for their 2006 calendar sales

Pictures from left to right are: Ryan Holomego, manager of Wal-Mart, Shelley Sauvé (Foundation Secretary), Duke, Carl Chase (Foundation President)

Duke was there to encourage future animal welfare supporters.

Duke worked hard and deserved a well taken refreshment break.

Duke attending the last annual general meeting of the Foundation on July 18, 2009.  Pictured are the Trustees present:

Ken Boshcoff, Kim Pumphrey-Chase (back), Madelene Chase (front), Bradley Chase, Ken Chase, Shelley Sauvé, Carl Chase


Duke always liked the limelight and getting close to people.  He was such a camera hog.  Here are a few candid pictures of the great pet.

He will be very much missed.