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September 10, 2011 - The Foundation announces the winners of the 2012 Superior Pet Calendar and launches the calendar at Wal-Mart from 10:30AM to 2:00PM.

Click for pictures of the event.

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2012 Superior Pets Calendar Winners


Cover - Smokey


Breed:  Manx

Sex:  Male   Age:  1 year

Favourite Toy:  His furry mouse

Favourite Activity:  Napping and cuddling with the dogs

Likes:  Laying in the sunshine and watching birds

Dislikes:  Water and the vacuum

Tricks:  He jumps up well over a meter to catch things


(Large picture)

January – Nova


Breed:  Husky/German Shepherd/ Weiner Dog X

Sex:  Female   Age:  1 year

Favourite Toy:  Anything that makes noise

Favourite Activity:  Fetching sticks and swimming

Likes:  All toys, sticks and lots of petting

Dislikes:  Peanut butter and the vacuum

Funny Traits:  She loves to make as much noise as possible and “talk” to anyone who will listen


(Small picture)

January – Findlay


Breed:  Beagle

Sex:  Male   Age:  1 ½ years old

Favourite Toy:  Ralph his monkey

Favourite Activity:  Going for walks and meeting new people and dogs

Likes:  Almost everything especially food!!

Dislikes:  Shovels, brooms and lawn sprinklers

Funny Trait:  He likes to sleep under the covers with his head on the pillow


(Large picture)

February – Maya


Breed:  Alaskan Malamute/Husky X

Sex:  Female   Age:  1 year old

Favourite Toy:  Her brother Sky

Favourite Activity:  Running after everything she can

Likes:  She loves snow and winter

Dislikes:  Being indoors

Funny Trait:  She loves to “talk” and starts howling when she hears “I love you” 


(Small picture)

February - Keira

Breed:  Golden Retreiver

Sex:  Female   Age:  12 weeks

Favourite Toy:  Pinecones

Favourite Activity:  Going for walks and meeting other dogs

Likes:  Loves carrots

Funny Trait:  She is a deep thinker and will sit to watch and study everything around her


(Large picture)


March – Madigan


Breed:  Husky/Border Collie X

Sex:  Female   Age:  3 years old

Favourite Toy:  A Kong with treats stuffed inside

Favourite Activity:  Hiking

Likes:  Going for walks and sleeping

Dislikes:  Fireworks and loud noises

Funny Trait:  She doesn’t bark!  Instead, she makes a sound that’s a cross between a gurgle and a yodel in the back of her throat.


Maddie is a rescue dog from Northern Lights Dog Rescue.  For info on adoption visit



(Small picture)

March – Chica


Breed:  Manx X

Sex:  Female   Age:  6 years

Favourite Toy:  Stuffed mouse on a ribbon

Favourite Activity:  Napping

Likes:  Cuddling and relaxing

Dislikes:  The vacuum

Funny Trait:  She will come running from anywhere in the house for a treat


(Large picture)


April – Willow (left)

Breed:  Boxer

Sex:  Female   Age:  3 ½ years old

Favourite Toy:  Tennis ball

Favourite Activity:  Chasing chipmunks and basking in the sun

Likes:  Broccoli stems

Dislikes:  Swimming and baths

Funny Trait:  Loves to lay on the back of the couch and stare out the window


Cedar (right)

Breed:  Boxer

Sex:  Male   Age:  3 years old

Favourite Toy:  Empty water bottles

Favourite Activity:  Chasing Willow while she’s chasing chipmunks

Likes:  Digging in the yard

Dislikes:  Swimming and being in the rain

Funny Trait:  He loves to squeeze himself into small spaces



(Small picture)

April – Reeses Pieces


Breed:  Chinese Crested Powder Puff

Sex:  Male   Age:  13 years old

Favourite Toy:  A plush Sloth named Slothy

Favourite Activity:  Playing with his pluch squeaky toys

Likes:  Going for walks and wearing clothes/costumes

Dislikes: When anyone sits in “his spot”

Funny Trait:  He pouts and will turn his back to you if he is annoyed or mad


(Large picture)

May – Sadie


Breed:  Chocolate Lab

Sex:  Female   Age:  2 ½ years old

Favourite Toy:  Red fire hydrant

Favourite Activity:  Running in the bush and chasing a ball

Likes:  Everythin and everyone

Dislikes:  Being asked to move over when she’s hogging the bed

Trick:  She sits pretty and then give 10 kisses


(Small picture)

May – Kobalt


Breed:  Australian Shepherd

Sex:  Male   Age:  7 years old

Favourite Toy:  His Frisbee and sticks

Favourite Activity:  Going for walks in the bush and car rides

Likes:  Comfy beds and being around people

Dislikes:  Going for long runs

Funny Trait:  He likes to figure things out, like learning how to open the backdoor!



(Large picture)

June – Roach


Breed:  Bearded Dragon

Sex:  Male   Age:  4 years old

Favourite Activity:  Head bobbing

Likes:  Being outside and living with his girlfriend Loki (female bearded dragon)

Funny Trait:  He puffs out his beard and turns it black when he’s mad or outside



(Small picture)

June – Barqs


Breed:  DMH/Siamese X

Sex:  Male   Age:  1 year old

Favourite Toy:  Cat nip apple toy

Favourite Activity:  Going for truck rides, camping and talking

Likes:  Water and ice cubes

Dislikes:  Having his nails cut

Funny Trait:  He loves to swim!  He follows his owners into the lake, loves baths and chilling out in the bathtub.


(Large picture)

July – Madison


Breed:  German Shepherd X

Sex:  Female   Age:  10 years old

Favourite Toy:  Any branches that can be thrown

Favourite Activity:  Playing fetch especially when thrown in the water

Likes:  Loves travelling in the RV

Funny Trait:  If you sign the word WALK she will go crazy knowing exactly what it means


(Small picture)

July – Lexi


Breed:  St Bernard/Rotweiller X

Sex:  Female   Age:  4 months old

Favourite Toy:  Leo the Lion

Favourite Activity:  Being any place high to watch over her yard

Likes:  Chewing on Zaida Sage

Dislikes:  Being told not to chew on Zaida Sage

Funny Trait:  She knocks on the door to come in and watches through the window to see if you’re coming


(Large picture)

August – Grizzie


Breed:  DSH Calico

Sex:  Female   Age:  8 years old

Favourite Toy: Feather mice that fly unpredictably

Favouritee Activity:  Lounging in the sun

Likes:  Cheddar cheese and fleece blankets

Dislikes:  Eating food out of plastic bowls and being picked up

Funny Trait:  She will not drink water in any other room but the bedroom



(Small picture)

August – Soda


Breed:  Jack Russell/Poodle X

Sex:  Female   Age:  17 months old

Favourite Toy:  A stuffed skunk

Favourite Activity:  Playing chase with her skunk in her mouth

Likes:  Loves the outdoors and playing in the snow

Funny Traits:  She has a diversified taste for food.  She loves carrots, broccoli, asparagus and her piece of banana every morning


(Large picture)

September – Mugsy


Breed:  Golden Retriever

Sex:  Male   Age:  5 years old

Favourite Toy:  Soup Bone

Favourite Activity:  Swimming

Likes:  Chasing squirrels and picking up shoes

Funny Trait:  She likes to “talk back” and always has to have the last word


(Small picture)

September – Maximus


Breed:  Blue Heeler

Sex:  Male   Age:  1 ½ years old

Favourite Toy:  Basketball

Favourite Activity:  Going to the beach and swimming

Likes:  Playing and running

Dislikes:  Cucumbers

Funny Trait:  He likes to heard everyone into a group.  He also “talks” in a funny voice…he really doesn’t bark.


(Large picture)

October – Frankie


Breed:  Siamese X

Sex:  Female   Age:  5 years

Favourite Toy:  Marbles or anything noisy

Favourite Activity:  Going for long walks in the bush

Likes:  Being pampered and groomed…she knows she’s pretty

Dislikes:  Car rides

Funny Trait:  She stands upright and “knocks” to come in


(Small picture)

October – London


Breed:  Husky

Sex:  Male   Age:  3 years old

Favourite Activity:  Running and playing with his dog friend Tika

Likes:  Children

He was a very scared, nervous dog that was having trouble being adopted until his new owners took a chance, brought him home and loved him.  He’s now happy, playful and loving life.


(Large picture)

November – Paris (left)


Breed:  Chocolate Lab

Sex:  Female   Age:  4 years old

Favourite Toy:  A stuffed duck

Favourite Activity:  Going for a walk to find a stick to bring home

Likes:  Chasing the ball in the water

Dislikes:  Lying on the floor…she prefers something softer

Funny Trait:  She always presents her dish after eating to get a treat


Winnie (right)

Breed:  Black Lab

Sex:  Female   Age:  9 years old

Favourite Toy:  A stuffed duck

Favourite Activity:  Swimming

Likes:  Curling up at her owners feet

Dislikes:  Being left behind when the vehicle leaves

Funny Trait:  She loves cheese and the sound of the wrapper is enough to wake her from a deep sleep



(Small picture)

November – Shabbs (Shabaqua)


Breed:  Great Pyr/Golden Retriever X

Sex:  Female   Age:  5 years old

Favourite Toy:  Stuffed duck

Favourite Activity:  Playing with his dog friend Rocs

Likes:  Running and swimming at camp

Funny Trait:  She loves to “talk” and sounds like an Ewok when she does


(Large picture)

December – Zeus


Breed:  Alaskan Malamute

Sex:  Male   Age:  6 months

Favourite Toy:  An empty pail that he throws around the yard

Favourite Activity:  Long hikes in the bush

Likes:  Loves food and attention

Dislikes:  Being alone

Funny Trait:  He howls if someone leaves the house without him


(Small picture)

December – Daisy


Breed:  Chihuahua/Pomeranian X

Sex:  Female   Age:  7 years old

Favourite Toy:  Tiny black plastic ball and stuffed duck

Favourite Activity:  Playing fetch

Likes:  Chasing and playing with other small dogs

Dislikes:  Squirrels

Funny Trait:  She pees by standing vertical on her front legs


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