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September 11, 2010 - The Foundation announces the winners of the 2011 Superior Pet Calendar and launches the calendar at Wal-Mart from 10:30AM to 2:00PM.

Click for pictures of the event.

See 2011 "Duke's Fun Facts" at the bottom of this page.

2011 Superior Pets Calendar Winners


Cover - Hudson


Breed:  Alaskan Malamute

Sex:  Male   Age:  3 years

Favourite Toy:  Any loud obnoxious squeaky ball

Favourite Activity:  Playing with his canine buddies Juno, Nickel and Brady

Likes:  Truck rides, and howling at ambulance sirens

Dislikes:  Vegetables and beer

Funny Trait:  He lets you know when he wants to play by running at full speed, leaping into the air and giving you a good body check.


(Large picture)

January - Hudson


Breed:  Yellow Lab/Malamute Husky X

Sex:  Male   Age:  6 years

Favourite Toy:  Any stuffed animal

Favourite Activity:  Hanging out at camp

Likes:  Going for walks

Dislikes:  Being left alone

Funny Trait:  Hudson loves to howl and sounds just like a wolf.



(Small picture)

January - Bailey


Breed:  Mixed

Sex:  Female   Age:  2 years

Favourite Toy:  Stuffed train conductor named Eddie

Favourite Activity:  Walking at the Marina and playing ball in the back yard

Dislikes:  When the family is getting ready to go out

Funny Trait:  Bailey likes to play hide and seek…BOO!


(Large picture)

February - Latifa

(Tifa for short)


Breed:  Ragdoll X

Sex:  Female   Age:  2 years

Favourite Toy:  Laser light

Favourite Activity:  Chasing butterflies

Likes:  Belly rubs and being brushed

Dislikes:  Nothing!  She loves life

Funny Trait:  Clicks at the patio door to get in.


(Small picture)

February - Boots (left) - Tigger (right)



Breed:  Domestic Short Hair

Sex:  Female   Age:  15 years

Favourite Toy:  Anything with catnip

Favourite Activity:  Snuggling with any human

Likes:  Affection

Dislikes:  Being groomed by the dog

Funny Trait:  She loves to sleep in the bed, under the covers, right up against her owners.



Breed:  Domestic Short Hair

Sex:  Male   Age:  14 years

Favourite Toy:  Anything with catnip

Favourite Activity:  Being groomed by Boots

Likes:  Being brushed and laying next to Boots

Dislikes:  Going to the vet

Funny Trait:  Tigger meows VERY loudly



(Large picture)

March - Toby


Breed:  Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Sex:  Male   Age:  2 months

Favourite Toy:  Stuffed squeaky flying squirrel

Favourite Activity:  Loves to cuddle and likes to be chased around the house

Likes:  Loves treats and will do anything for them

Funny Trait:  He likes to sleep under the covers.


(Small picture)

March - Bishop


Breed:  Bulldog

Sex:  Male   Age:  5 months

Favourite Toy:  Anything that belongs to someone else

Favourite Activity:  Wrestling with his dog buddies

Likes:  Cuddling with his family


(Large picture)

April - Sierra (left) - Hank (right)



Breed:  Yellow Lab

Sex:  Female   Age:  4 months

Favourite Toy:  Squeaky polar bear

Favourite Activity:  Fishing with her owners

Likes:  Going to the Puppy Park and hanging with her dog buddies Hank and Charlie

Dislikes:  Missing a day at the puppy park



Breed:  Great Dane

Sex:  Male   Age:  2 years

Favourite Toy:  Stuffed green frog

Favourite Activity:  Wrestling with the boys and going for walks

Likes:  Going for a car ride to Grandma’s house

Dislikes:  Having time-outs

Funny Trait:  He’ll lie down with his stuffed frog and suckle on it for hours, like a soother.


(Small picture)

April - Kaos


Breed:  Beagle/Terrier X

Sex:  Female   Age:  2 years

Favourite Toy:  Water bottles with a bit of water in it

Favourite Activity:  Sleeping on daddy and playing with the kids

Likes:  She LOVES food

Dislikes:  Cats!

Tricks:  High fives


(Large picture)

April - Alaska


Breed:  Samoyed

Sex:  Male   Age:  3 years

Favourite Toy:  A stuffed Samoyed

Favourite Activity:  Running beside a bicycle

Likes:  LOVES people and walking on the treadmill

Dislikes:  Being left alone at home

Funny Trait:  When he is ready for bed, his dad will say “Give mommy a kiss” at which point he will walk over and give her a hug and kiss before going to sleep.



(Small picture)

May - Deacon


Breed:  Fawnican Great Dane

Sex:  Male   Age:  2 years

Favourite Toy:  Horse ball tied to a rope

Favourite Activity:  Pulling trees out of the ground to carry and run with

Likes:  Sleeping on his loveseat or in front of the fireplace


(Large picture)

June - Buttercup


Breed:  Cocker Spaniel

Sex:  Female   Age:  3 years

Favourite Toy:  Squeaky ball

Favourite Activity:  Playing fetch in the backyard

Likes:  Going for walks around the block

Dislikes:  Thunderstorms

Tricks:  She likes to shake-a-paw.


(Small picture)

June - Sisu


Breed:  Rottweiler

Sex:  Male   Age:  3 years

Favourite Toy:  Football

Favourite Activity:  Swimming

Likes:  Bones

Dislikes:  Getting his teeth brushed

Funny Trait:  He is bilingual.  He understands commands in both English and Finnish.


(Large picture)

July - Rusty


Breed:  German Shepherd X

Sex:  Male   Age:  7 years

Favourite Toy:  Red ball

Favourite Activity:  Going for walks

Likes:  He loves his food and treats!

Dislikes:  Being separated from his sister Breeze

Funny Trait:  Rusty is very vocal.  He loves to talk and always has to have the last word.


(Small picture)

July - Jazz


Breed:  German Shepherd

Sex:  Female   Age:  2 ½ years

Favourite Toy:  Jolly ball

Favourite Activity:  Going for truck rides and visiting friends

Likes:  Robins Donuts

Dislikes:  Having her nails clipped

Funny Trait:  She sings along with the Young and the Restless theme song and the band Queen.


(Large picture)

August - Oliver


Breed:  Australian Shepherd/Lab X

Sex:  Male   Age:  9 years

Favourite Toy:  Rubber football he’s had since he was a puppy

Favourite Activity:  Walks and hiking

Likes:  Going for car rides

Dislikes:  When his owner is on the computer

Funny Trait:  On hikes, when he arrives at a stream or lake, he will actually lay down right in the water.  He also goes crazy for fabric softener sheets!


(Small picture)

August - Gracie


Breed:  Shih Tzu/Spaniel X

Sex:  Female   Age:  4 years

Favourite Toy:  Grape tomatoes that she tosses

Favourite Activity:  Chasing everything!

Likes:  Digging in the deep snow

Dislikes:  Storms and fireworks

Funny Trait:  When you lay on the floor, she will roll her grape tomato to you with her tongue and wait for you to roll it back.


Sadly, Gracie died of kidney failure early this year. She will be greatly missed.


(Large picture)

September - Rylee


Breed:  Alaskan Husky

Sex:  Female   Age:  2 ½ years

Favourite Toy:  Gloves!  Any and all kinds

Favourite Activity:  Playing in the snow

Likes:  Steak, walks, and her teddy bear

Dislikes:  When the kitty is on her bed

Funny Trait:  When asked to lie down for a treat, she has to do a complete 360 degree turn into a roll-over, then lie down.


(Small picture)

September - Jasper (left) - Smokey (right)



Breed:  Manx

Sex:  Male   Age:  14 years

Favourite Toy:  A blue knitted ribbon

Favourite Activity:  Teaching Smokey how to ‘spar’

Likes:  Hunting for mice and birds

Dislikes:  The vacuum cleaner

Funny Trait:  He likes to sleep next to his owners so he can receive he belly rubs.



Breed:  Manx

Sex:  Male   Age:  3 ½ months

Favourite Toy:  Everything!

Favourite Activity:  Seeing how high he can jump

Likes:  Wrestling with Jasper and cuddling with the boys

Dislikes:  Loud noises

Funny Trait:  He thinks he is part dog and likes to lie in between his two dog buddies in front of the fireplace.


(Large picture)

October - Leo


Breed:  Medium hair Tabby

Sex:  Male   Age:  8 months

Favourite Toy:  Little bird that chirps

Favourite Activity:  Playing with water

Likes:  Being cuddled and following owner everywhere

Dislikes:  Being alone

Funny Trait:  Hiding socks and playing with toilet paper


(Small picture)

October - Finesse


Breed:  Friesian Sport Horse

Sex:  Female   Age:  3 years

Favourite Toy:  Barrels and unsuspecting humans!

Favourite Activity:  Stomping in the water trough, running and bucking with the other horses.

Likes:  Treats and human attention

Funny Trait:  She will put her feet on or in just about anything.


(Large picture)

November - Diego


Breed:  Domestic house cat

Sex:  Male   Age:  2 years

Favourite Toy:  Cat nip mouse

Favourite Activity:  Fighting with Myndi the dog

Dislikes:  He really hates baths

Funny Trait:  He fetches


(Small picture)

November- Snoopy


Breed:  Jack Russell Terrier

Sex:  Female   Age:  4 years

Favourite Toy:  Mini basket ball

Favourite Activity:  Playing with her toy and going for walks

Likes:  Loves barking at people as they walk by the house

Dislikes:  When other dogs are going for walks and she is not

Funny Trait:  She can say “hello” and “I love you”


(Large picture)

December - Lola


Breed:  Siberian Husky

Sex:  Female   Age:  6 years

Favourite Toy:  Her kitty that meows

Favourite Activity:  Going for walks in all types of weather

Likes:  Learning how to cook a.k.a. being a big moocher

Dislikes:  Being in the water or alone

Funny Trait:  Lola loves Tim Horton’s Drive Through.  She will stick her head out the truck window and put it right into theirs for a timbit and some love.


(Small picture)

December - Gippy


Breed:  Siamese X

Sex:  Male   Age:  5 years

Favourite Toy:  Bungee mouse and anything with catnip

Favourite Activity:  Snuggling

Likes:  Hanging out on the couch with his dad and going for car rides

Dislikes:  When his brother Button cleans his face

Tricks:  He can sit and give ‘five’ on command.


--The Keri Chase Foundation--

2011 Duke's Fun Facts


Like humans, dogs and cats are either right or left handed.



Bald eagles can swim!  They use an overhead movement of their wings that is similar to the butterfly stroke.


Siberian Huskies can live and work in temperatures as low as -60 degrees Celsius or -75 degrees Fahrenheit.


You can power two fridges with the electricity produces by a single electric eel.

A gecko always has its eyes closed!  You won't notice though, as its eyelids are clear. They help protect the gecko’s eyes while allowing it to see.

A zebra's camouflage is effective because lions are colourblind. If a zebra stands completely still, a lion will see it as vertical blades of grass.


Cats have better memories than dogs. Tests have concluded that a dog’s memory lasts no more than 5 minutes; cats can last as long as 16 hours



The largest rabbit litter on record contained 24 babies. The average number of rabbits in a litter is about five!


Skunks can accurately spray their smelly scent as far as 3 metres or 10 feet.

An elephant's tummy makes so much noise when it's digesting food, that if there's any danger of a predator hearing it, it can immediately stop digesting. Try that yourself!


When two male dogs approach each other the dog that wags its tail the slowest is the dominant one.


The venom of the king cobra is so deadly that one gram of it can kill 150 people. Just to handle the substance with bare skin can put a person in a coma.

Ferrets can sleep so deeply that they cannot be woken, even when picked up and jostled.