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September 12, 2009 - The Foundation announces the winners of the 2010 Superior Pet Calendar and launches the calendar at Wal-Mart from 10:30AM to 2:30PM  Click here to review pictures of the event

2010 Superior Pets Calendar Winners


Cover - Alaska


Breed:  Samoyed

Sex:  Male     Age:  1 ½ years

Favourite Toy:  Stuffed white toys that look like him

Favourite Activity:  Running beside a bike

Likes:  Alaska loves to be held like he is the best thing in the world – of course he is

Funny Trait:  Alaska likes to walk on the treadmill; he often talks while doing this as if to say how much he enjoys it.


(Large picture)

January - Rosie Raindrop Sleeps-a-lot (Rosie for short!)


Breed:  Grey Tabby

Sex:  Female     Age:  2 years

Favourite Toy:  Honeysuckle Sock

Favourite Activity:  Laser Fun and eating

Likes:  Watching people in the shower and food.  Her food, the dog’s, her owner’s, she’s not picky

Dislikes:  Getting her claws clipped and measured feedings!

Funny Trait:  She doesn’t really meow, she mostly just chirp0s at you and she doesn’t like catnip only honeysuckle.


(Small picture)

January - Grizzly


Breed:  Bernese Mountain Dog

Sex:  Male     Age:  5 years

Favourite Toy:  Our pet cat, Misty

Favourite Activity:  He seems to really enjoy his new role visiting the elderly in the hospital

Likes:  Daily walks and the company of children

Dislikes:  Smoke detectors

Tricks:  He loves to demonstrate his ability to do high 5, shake-a-paw, and lie down on command.


(Large picture)

February - Sierra (right)


Breed:  Siamese/Domestic Shorthair X

Sex:  Female   Age:  3 weeks
Favourite Toy:  Toy mice
Favourite Activity:  Playing with a ball in the bath tub with her sister
Likes:  She loves dogs and to be groomed by them. She enjoys chewing on sheer curtains and watching birds
Sierra was abandoned by her mother at 7 days old.  She had to be bottle fed and Foxy mothered her as well.


February - Foxy (left)


Breed:  Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever X
Sex:  Female   Age:  3 years
Favourite Toy:  Playing with the kittens
Favourite Activity:  Playing with her brother

Likes:  Foxy likes car rides, walks, swimming and snuggles at night

Dislikes:  Being brushed
Tricks:  She dances for treats


(Small picture)

February - Sadie


Breed:  Terri Poo

Sex:  Female     Age:  6 months

Favourite toy:  Her tennis ball or her owner’s hair

Favourite Activity:  Playing fetch, car rides and visiting her friend Misty

Likes:  The few occasions when she’s given “people food”

Dislikes:  Going into her kennel

Funny trait:  Sadie loves to jump on her owner’s back and “comb her hair” with her teeth.


(Large picture)

March - Tessa


 Breed:  Golden Retriever

Sex:  Female     Age:  18 weeks

Favourite Toy:  Her pink dragon

Favourite Activity:  Going to dog class, walks, and visits with friends

Likes:  Treats, sleeping, playing, and eating

Dislikes:  Being left alone

Funny Traits:  She snores and snorts.  Her best trick is her bow.



(Small picture)

March - TC


Breed:  Chihuahua

Sex:  Female     Age:  1 ½ years

Favourite Toy:  Squeaky the Bunny

Favourite Activity:  Car rides, playing fetch, watching hockey, and riding on the motorcycle

Likes:  Chicken

Dislikes:  Dog treats

Funny Trait:  She sits at the supper table and eats with us.  She also loves going to Taco Time every Tuesday for chicken!


(Large picture)

April - Franki


Breed:  Siamese
Sex:  Female   Age:  3 years
Favourite toy:  Marbles
Favourite activity:  Going for long walks in the bush
Likes:  She loves being at camp

Dislikes:  She hates the drive to camp
Funny Traits:  She stands upright and "knocks" at the patio door to come in.




(Small picture)

April - Ally


Breed:  Black Labrador Retriever

Sex:  Female     Age:  4 years

Favourite Toy:  Slippers that she’s not supposed to chew

Favourite Activity:  Going for long walks and getting attention

Likes:  Getting scratched behind the ear

Dislikes:  Getting her head wet (she hates rain!)

Funny Trait:  When you have a dog cookie she really wants, she’ll put both her paws up and sometimes fall backwards because she loses her balance.


(Large picture)

April - Zoey


Breed:  Cattle dog/Border Collie X

Sex:  Female     Age:  3 years

Favourite Toy:  Squeaky rubber chicken

Favourite Activity:  Going for walks and runs with the bike

Likes:  She really likes men, especially her Grandpa

Dislikes:  Getting her nails done

Funny Trait:  She stands on her back legs, wraps her front legs around you and “hugs”.


(Small picture)

May - Thunder


 The K-9 unit with the Thunder Bay Police Department on the job with Constable Joe Previtt



(Large picture)

June - Vixen


Breed:  American Paint Horse

Sex:  Female     Age:  11 years

Favourite Toy:  The Cow-Print barrels in the riding arena

Favourite Activity:  Loves to jump the Cow-Print barrels, and play with her owner…especially if it’s out on a trail!

Likes:  She loves treats and eating in general

Dislikes:  She does not like loud, pushy people

Funny Trait:  When Vixen feels overwhelmed, she will don a martyred expression on her face and stand on three legs.  She has also held the prestigious position of “Mare of Honour” at her owners wedding.


(Small picture)

June - Sable


Breed:  Siamese/Spotted Tabby X

Sex:  Female     Age:  7 years

Favourite Toy:  A knotted up red Zellers plastic bag (talk about recycling!)

Favourite Activity:  Napping

Likes:  Exploring

Dislikes:  Trips to the vet

Funny Trait:  She will jump into any sized box, no matter how big or small, get comfy and take a nap.



(Large picture)

July - Hope


Breed:  Lakeland Trail Hound
Sex:  Female   Age: 5 years
Favourite Toy:  Any and all
Favourite Activity:  Running in the woods with her dog and people friends
Funny Traits:  Hope is very dramatic about everything!


She is the “Hope” in New Hope Dog Rescue


(Small picture)

July - Semi


Breed:  English Bulldog

Sex:  Female     Age:  2 years

Favourite Toy:  Nylabones, puppy keys and of course her ball

Favourite Activity:  Going to the dog park, walking and swimming at camp (with her lifejacket on of course!)

Likes:  Most Bulldogs, sleeping and visiting

Dislikes:  Loud noises and getting her nails trimmed

Funny Trait:  Semi has a “I want attention” whimper that sounds like an infant crying.


(Large picture)

August - Waive


Breed:  Weimaraner

Sex:  Female    Age: 1 year

Favourite toy:  Any toy her big sister has

Favourite activity:  Running and playing hide and seek

Likes:  Stealing her sisters toys

Dislikes:  Sharing!!!!

Funny Traits:  She plays keep away with everything


(Small picture)

August - Elsa


Breed:  Husky

Sex:  Female

Elsa is a New Hope Dog Rescue dog.

For more info visit New Hope Dog Rescue


August - Zodi


Breed:  Border Collie

Sex:  Male     Age:  2 years

Favourite Toy:  Teddy bears and the Frisbee

Favourite Activity:  Getting chased by other dogs

Likes:  He loves to greet everyone everywhere he goes

Tricks:  He is one of the most agile and fastest moving critters around!  Once he gets moving, the other dogs just can’t keep up.  He can also jump 6 feet into the air from a standing position.


Zodi is a New Hope Dog Rescue dog.

For more info visit New Hope Dog Rescue


(Large picture)

September - Karma


Breed:  Husky/White Shepherd X
Sex:  Female   Age:  3 years
Favourite Toy:  This would have to be a stick!
Favourite Activity: Swimming after sticks and chasing tennis balls.
Likes:  She loves going to dog classes.
Tricks:  Karma knows tons of tricks! When we teach our other dog tricks she shadows him in the background.

Karma is a New Hope Dog Rescue dog.

For more info visit New Hope Dog Rescue


(Small picture)

September - Molly


Breed:  Yorkshire Terrier

Sex:  Female     Age:  3 years

Favourite Toy:  Anything squeaky and her plush squirrel

Favourite Activity:  Playing tug-a-war, fetch and car rides with the window open

Likes:  Snuggling (a true lap dog)

Dislikes:  Squirrels, chipmunks, snow and puddles

Funny Trait:  Molly knows a number of words including two of hers favourites “Nana” and “Pizza”.  She always knows when the delivery man is bringing her favourite pizza – pepperoni!


(Large picture)

October - Mitzu


Breed:  Pomeranian X
Sex:  Male   Age:  2 years
Favourite Toy:  Teddy Bear
Favourite Activity:  Going for walks with his 80 lbs Husky buddy!
Likes:  Going for car rides
Funny Traits:  He would love to snuggle up around your neck

 Mitzu is a New Hope Dog Rescue dog.

For more info visit New Hope Dog Rescue


(Small picture)

October - Samson


Breed:  Shepherd/Husky/Lab X

Sex:  Male     Age:  2 years

Favourite Toy:  His toy chicken, or anything that squeaks

Favourite Activity:  “Digging for moles”, which is Samson digging at the bed thinking there are moles hiding in the mattress

Likes:  Running, being chased, and his bones

Dislikes:  Fireworks and thunder

Funny Trait:  Every time he hears a siren, he will howl at the top of his lungs

 whether it is on TV or outside.


(Large picture)

November - Holly


Breed:  Border Collie

Sex:  Female     Age:  5 months

Favourite Toy:  Anything she can get her teeth around!

Favourite Activity:  Running and chasing toys outside

Likes:  Snuggling up and sleeping with her 4 year old owner

Dislikes:  Being alone

Funny Trait:  She’ll leave a cookie balanced on her nose, flip it up and usually catch it!


(Small picture)

November- Liberty


Breed:  Husky/Shepherd X

Sex:  Female     Age:  5 months

Favourite Toy:  Kong, wood and socks

Favourite Activity:  Chewing anything in sight, and playing with her cousins Xzibit, Myndi and the other neighbourhood dogs

Likes:  Belly rubs and being outside

Dislikes:  Being told no

Funny Trait:  Trying to sneak clothes, socks, shoes and anything else she is not supposed to have and putting it into her bed.


(Large picture)

December - Molly (aka Meatball)


Breed:  Domestic medium hair Tabby

Sex:  Female     Age:  6 years

Favourite Toy:  Laser pointer and feather duster

Favourite Activity:  Hunting for mice in the field

Likes:  Plying, cuddling and treats

Dislikes:  Loud noise and dogs of course!

Funny Trait:  She has tons of them.  Her nickname meatball says it all.


(Small picture)

December - Princess


Breed:  Shepherd/Husky X

Sex:  Female     Age:  9 years

Favourite Toy:  Squeaky plush toys

Favourite Activity:  Going for walks

Likes:  Being outside

Dislikes:  The neighbours dog


Thank you Page

Thank You Page - Toto


Breed:  Terri Poo

Sex:  Male    Age:  11 years

Favourite Toy:  Anything that squeaks

Favourite Activity:  Looking out the window

Likes:  Car rides

Dislikes:  Passengers getting out of the car before he does.


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