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2008 Superior Pets Calendar Winners

Cover:  Duke
Breed: Great Dane
 Sex: Male Age: 4 years
 Favorite Toy: Stuffed basketball
 Favorite Activity: Wrestling or chasing
 the grand kids
 Likes: Going for walks and car rides
 Dislikes: Getting his nails cut
 Funny Trait: His internal clock is exact!
 If his bedtime treat is even one minute late,  he’ll block your view of the  TV and stare you down until you produce.

January (large pic)
: American Eskimo
Sex: Female Age: 5 years
Favorite Toy: Her squeaky toy Favorite Activity: Playing in her pool Likes: Hugging, long walks & swimming at camp Dislikes: The paper delivery person Funny Trait: She can sing

side pic
Cooper and Cloe
Breed: Sun Conures – They are known for their friendly personalities Sex: Male Age: 2 years Favorite Toy: Their Happy Hut bed Favorite Activity: They love playing in their bed and playing with their toys Likes: Treats Dislikes: Being separated from each other Funny Traits: They are very comical birds and love to groom each other

February (large pic)
Breed: Manx Sex: Male Age: 17 years
Favorite Toy: String or small rope Favorite Activity: Lying in the sun Likes: Eating, back rubs and brushings Dislikes: Loud noises and leaves blowing across the yard Funny Trait: Blowing air at him makes him crazy

side pic
Breed: Labrador X
Sex: Male Age: 1 year
Favorite Toy: Log, Dinosaur, bone, and Tug ropes Favorite Activity: Playing tug-a-war with his friend Cruizer Likes: Camping, belly rubs, sitting in front of the fireplace and snuggling with kids Dislikes: Loud noises and fireworks Funny Trait: He likes to lay on the back of the couch like Jasper the cat

March - (large pic)
Mr. Bogart of Kisber (Bogart for short)
Breed: Toy Poodle
Sex: Male Age: 8 years
Favorite Toy: Stuffed cat called “Puddy” Favorite Activity: Going for walks Likes: Attention from anybody at anytime! Dislikes: Going out in the rain
Funny Trait: he loves to toss the first piece of dry food in the air and play with it

side pic
Bethany and Nikki
Breed: Guinea Pigs
Sex: Female Age: 2 years
Favorite Activity: Eating
Likes: Being petted
Dislikes: Having their fur ruffled Funny Trait: Nikki (white) is shy and is always running into her hutch. Bethany tries to climb the side of her pen whenever someone comes with food.

April - (large pic)
Wyatt Earp (left)
Breed: Miniature Smooth-Coated Dachshund Sex: Male Age: 4 years Favorite Activity: Loves to lie all day in his heated beddy Likes:Grape tomatoes Dislikes: The cold
Jersey Girl (right) Breed: Miniature Smooth-Coated Dachshund Sex: Female Age: 10 months Likes: To be dressed up Dislikes: Sharing Funny Trait: She likes to sit on everyone’s shoulder like a parrot

side pic
Breed: Calico/Tabby X
Sex: Female Age: 3 years
Favorite Toy: Laser pointer Favorite Activity: Curling up on someone’s lap Likes: Treats, people, and a warm place to nap Dislikes: The puppy Funny Trait: When she wants attention, she will come along and butt heads with you (if she can get high enough)

May -(large pic)
Breed: Border Collie
Sex: Male Age: 6 years
Favorite toy: Tennis ball
Favorite Activity: Playing fetch and watching fishing on television Likes: Going fishing, car rides, and leaping into the lake from a high place Dislikes: Fireworks, bathes and being left behind Funny Trait: He will jump at the TV when fishing shows are on

side pic
Breed: German Shepherd
Thunder is shown with Constable Joe Previtt and is the K-9 unit for the Thunder Bay Police Department.


June - (large pic)
Breed: Husky/Wh.Shepherd X
Sex: Male Age: 1 year
Favorite Toy: Anything loud that he can silence through chewing Favorite Activity: Going for walks, playing catch, and stalking bugs Likes: Being cuddled and playing outside in the sun
Dislikes: Cold weather, water and thunderstorms
Funny Trait: he likes to nibble at people’s thumbs, toes and ears, he also repeatedly paws the air like a kitten

side pic
Breed: Chameleon Sex: Female Age: 3 years Favorite Activity: Sitting in her tree Likes: Bugs
Dislikes: Her reflection
Funny Trait: Changes color

July - (large pic)
Breed: Borzoi Sex: Male Age: 2 years Favorite Toy: Anything that squeaks Favorite Activity: Running! He was born to run, and even though he now only has 2 legs, he runs like the wind Likes: Being around people and other dogs, and he loves attention Dislikes: Ice and slippery floors it’s a lot harder for him to stay stable Funny Trait: He loves to dance. Put on a CD and he spins and wiggles
his body to the music

side pic
Tango & Koda
Breed: Samoyed
Sex: Female Age: 5 years
Favorite Toy: Stuffed cat named “Baby” Favorite Activity: Chasing Squirrels Likes: Play fighting with Koda and sleeping under a bush in the back yard
Dislikes: Brushing and baths Funny Trait: She knows two languages. When she wants something she asks in English, and when she wants to go out, she just grunts and groans.
Koda - Breed: Samoyed Sex: Male Age: 2 years
Favorite Toy: An old sock Favorite Activity: Boat rides, and breaking out of the fenced back yard Likes: Playing with his friend Tango Dislikes: The mailman and anyone in uniform Tricks: He will “high five” for treats

August - (large pic)
Breed: Norwegian Elk Hound X
Sex: Male Age: 11 years
Favorite Toy: Foot ball
Favorite Activity: Walks and visiting along the way Likes: Chewing, digging and burying his head in the snow
Dislikes: Thunderstorms and firecrackers Funny Trait: He loves to carry clothes around in his mouth, you can’t leave anything in his reach

side pic
Breed: Shih Tzu
Sex: Female Age: 2 years
Favorite Toy: Balls and things that make noise Favorite Activity: Walking, swimming and cuddling
Likes: Anything outside, car rides and playing with her friend Mocha Tricks: She shakes her paw

September - (large pic)
Breed: Golden Retriever X
Sex: Male Age: 2 years
Favorite Toy: Kong (with peanut butter and cheerios inside)
Favorite Activity: Swimming Likes: Being chased, rolling in grass/snow, and going for walks Dislikes: Fireworks
Funny Trait: When he chases his tail, he’ll keep going until he gets dizzy and bangs into something

side pic
Breed: Domestic Longhaired
Sex: Male Age: 10 years
Favorite Toy: Fur on a stick and catnip mice Favorite Activity: Stalking mice, birds and black bears in the yard Likes: Turkey dinners, grasshoppers, and being brushed
Dislikes: Windy days and Canadian geese flying overhead
Funny Trait: Paws at his owners arm every morning to wake her up

October - (large pic)
Breed: Border Collie/Black Lab X
Sex: Female Age: 5 years
Favorite Toys: Rope toys and her sister Bonnie Favorite Activity: Ellie is a St. John’s Ambulance Therapy dog and loves visiting the seniors at Grandview Lodge Likes: Belly rubs Dislikes: Having her nails cut
Funny Trait: She likes to do trick for the seniors and can even spin and bow

side pic

Breed: Arabian/Quarter Horse X gelding Sex: Male Age: 30 years

November - (large pic)
Breed: Terrier/Pom X
Sex: Female Age: 3 years
Favorite Toy: Squeaky stuffed reindeer Favorite Activity: Playing in the water with her Frisbee or golf ball Likes: Playing with her stuffed squeaky toys
Dislikes: Baths and the vacuum Funny Trait: She plays dead for a treat when you say, "bang!"

side pic
Breed: Pug/Shih Tzu X
Sex: Male Age: 4 months
Favorite Toy: Stuffed duck named “Mr. Quackers” Favorite Activity: Chasing his girlfriends “Coco” and “Karma” Likes: Cuddling and stealing anything he can find from around the house Dislikes: When you take away his findings that he has stolen Funny Trait: He snorts when he runs

December - (large pic)
Breed: Ragdoll/Siamese X
Sex: Female Age: 10 years
Favorite Toy: Stuffed mouse that hangs on a string Favorite Activity: Looking out the bedroom window and chasing string Likes: Loves to go camping Dislikes: Most people outside her family Funny Trait: Her favourite spot in the house when we have company is in the hallway where she hisses and growls at anyone trying to get to the bathroom

side pic
Breed: Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier
Sex: Male Age: 4 years
Favorite Toy: Treat ball
Favorite Activity: Camping, chewing on bones and going for walks Likes: Chasing squirrels around the wood pile Dislikes: Baths and chips without dip
Funny Trait: He likes to squirm and rub his face after eating


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